translated from Spanish: Pimpeano won the Streamer of the Year award at Coscu Army Awards

The Coscu Army Awards were held for the third year in a row, with a record of more than 400,000 people at the same time, a milestone for the Latin American stream. This time outdoors in the courtyard of the stadium works, because of the COVID-19, under established protocols and without the possibility of external guest audience. They gave 7 p.m. on Sunday and the previous one started on Coscu’s Twitch channel.The Banzas brothers, Facundo and Gonzalo interviewed the guests on the violet carpet, special for the event. They passed characters such as Lit Killah, the duo Rodríguez Galati, Joaco with his faithful companion Pimpeano and editors of the community. As the interviews passed, on the violet platform, Spaniard Ibai warmed up the previous one from his channel and then harassed the Coscu channel where the event was to be broadcast. Half an hour after the broadcast began, Twitch’s Latin American record was broken. The Coscu Army again stepped hard and showed 224,000 viewers simultaneously, then marked a new historical number in Latam at 2 hours of broadcast with 425,659 people watching the event live.
Martín “Coscu” Perez Disalvo, creator of the community and awards, was the host of the show, presenting the ternas and the winners, along with luxury CoHosts, such as Graffo, MoMo, Goncho among others. During the event, 32 turn, with second and first place, where medals, ADR picantitos and sponsors awards (Nike, Aorus, King of the Kongo and Red Bull) were awarded. Among the most recognized were the most recognized:
Fail of the year.
Streamer variety.
Streamer promise.
Better IRL streamer.
Streamer revelation.
Streamer of the year.

The awards came to various people on the scene such as Luken, Brunenger and King. MoMo then took the direction of the event and decided to honor Coscu, remembering his beginnings and everything they lived to where they are today, calling it a streamer legend where the event became super emotional and Coscu gave his speech.
The event also featured Shows by Facu Banzas with a set of Stand Up, Rodriguez Galati’s duo and the strawberry of dessert, which everyone expected, Duki’s live show, which was supported by Lucho SJJ and Obi WanShot.Around 1:00 AM on Monday, the event was coming to an end with the latest medals and little bites to the streamers. The revelation prize, one of the most special, was shared by two greats such as Brunenger and Markito Navajas, because the voting committee saw that they could not decide between the two streamers, who made a difference this year.
By 1:30 a.m., the golden bit, the most anticipated prize, the one everyone wants to win loomed. The little bit is the most important prize of the night, a gold prize with diamond inlays. Not everyone gets to the biggest streamer of the year, where three awards are awarded. The third place was for Goncho, who this year was in many streams with Ibai and achieved giant numbers.
The second place was taken by MoMo, who has been paddling years ago in the community and is one of the oldest alongside Coscu.
The long-awaited top spot was left in the hands of Galo “Pimpeano” Blasco, who did not accept what was going on when he heard his name from the speakers and walked in tears towards the lectern to receive his prize, the little picantito with his name engraved, the moment that every streamer dreams of. Pimpe gave his little speech and broke into tears, thanking everyone again and again, making it clear that he is happy when he makes other people laugh.
Once again the Coscu Army community, it breaks records again on Twitch.Will next year break TheGrefg record with over 666,676 live viewers?

Original source in Spanish

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