translated from Spanish: Quarantine all of Curicó Unido until 30 December by Covid-19 outbreak

During this day Marlenne Durán, Seremi of Health of the Maule Region, sentenced a total quarantine for the Curicó Unido campus after finding 28 close contacts, which also add to the 11 positive cases reported by the club. As the El Mercurio medium reports, the authority noted that «Following the tests carried out on the delegation that travelled to Talcahuano, three new contagions were recorded, in addition to the eight that had already been confirmed on Thursday and 28 close contacts who were on the trip. They’re all going to quarantine.» He added that «Cases of contagion must be eleven days locked up, and cases of close contacts should be confined for 14 days. The high number of cases is due to them spending many hours on top of a bus (about 8 hours on the trip from Curicó to Talcahuano round trip), shared a camarín and dined together.» For their part from Curicó Unido they stated that it is up to the ANFP to suspend the next match of the «Albirrojo» group, who should face the Spanish Union and noted that «They have already informed us what happened, now it is the ANFP that must be officialized that before the Spanish Union it will not be possible to play on Monday. We think we won’t be able to play until next year, for the duration of the confinement. Quarantine for a part of the group would be lifted only on 30 December.»

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