translated from Spanish: Alberto on the second wave: “You have to be prepared for what is coming”

The arrival of social gatherings to close 2020 comes at a time when the world is on the line by the discovery of a new strain of coronavirus. In view of this situation, efforts are re-noticed in different countries, as well as border closures. However, in Argentina at the moment the increases are not being reflected and in view of this the representative expressed himself. “Let us congratulate ourselves, at this moment when Christmas comes, the year ends. We’re finishing a very difficult year for everyone. We need to know that the risk isn’t over, we have to take care of ourselves, be cautious,” he said.

LIVE Entre Ríos – President Alberto Fernández leads the opening of bids in the international tender to re-enter Concordia Airport — Casa Rosada (@CasaRosada)
December 22, 2020

“The pandemic has once again flourished in Europe and with other characteristics. We have to be prepared to face what’s coming. We greatly minimized the damage we may have suffered. We put up a health system that was collapsed, but collapsed by the forgetfulness of the state,” Fernandez added. The word “federal” is in all speeches. But how many actions exist for Argentina to be federal? We are doing federalism: we are not declaiming it, we are doing it,” Alberto said at an act that took place in the city of Concordia, Entre Ríos.

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