translated from Spanish: Epidemiologist predicts sexual debauchery and greater secularization in new post-pandemic “crazy 20s”

Yale University social epidemiologist and professor Nicholas Christakis raised in his book, “Apollo’s Arrow: The Profound and Enduring Impact of Coronavirus on the Way We Live,” that people will increase their social interactions once the effects of the covid pandemic are over.
The academic believes that it will not be a short-term thing, and argues that if, through the development of vaccines, significant amounts of the world’s population are inoculated, and the virus is controlled, the first generation will be formed to have overcome a health threat, with the development of medicines in real time.
Christakis argues that if the vaccine is actually administered throughout 2021, the economic recovery from the pandemic crisis will be only in 2023, and suggests that by 2024, everything that generated the social pandemic will be reversed, which, in his view, could include sexual debauchery, increased money expenditure and more secularization.
In his position, the academic also believes that by that year will see full stadiums, crowded parties and that artistic activities will flourish.

Original source in Spanish

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