translated from Spanish: A guard traveled 5 kilometers by bike to return a wallet now the community wants to give you a car

A couple in Hawaii received an unexpected surprise, a man knocked on their door to return a wallet they had found. Chloe Marino was with her five-month-old son shopping in a store, when she left her wallet behind in the shopping cart. Aina Townsend, found her, and once her shift was over, grabbed her bike and traveled 5 kilometers until she found the direction in the woman’s id. 
«I’d lost a wallet before and it’s the worst thing in the world,» Townsend, 22, told CNN. «I was just doing what I felt was the right thing to do.»

The woman’s husband, Gray, was so inspired by the kind act that he shared the story on Facebook and called good deed an «Aloha moment,» known in Hawaii as a moment that shows love. 

«He literally rode his bike to return his wallet,» Gray wrote in a post on his Facebook page on December 14. «It was totally full of everything that was important to her, including cash. Nothing was more poignant.»
Hence several friends of the couple commented on the publication, among them Greg Gaudet, who organized a collection on the GoFundMe platform to raise funds to give Townsend a Christmas present: a car.

When Towsend heard about the fundraiser, he said he was astonished. He’s been cycling for the last five years. Having a car would be like winning the Super Bowl, he said. It means a lot,» Townsend said. ‘It’s not just about having better transport. Now I can do more for my family. That’s the most important part of the picture.» The guard was very grateful, though he assured that he only did the right thing. 

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