translated from Spanish: Diego Maradona’s autopsy detected no drug and alcohol presence

The autopsy on the body of Diego Armando Maradona, who died on 25 November, determined that the former Argentine footballer suffered from heart, liver and lung problems, and detected neither alcohol nor illegal substances. According to Argentine media, the medical examination ruled that ‘Pelusa’ died of “acute lung edema secondary to reagudized chronic heart failure”, while also revealing “dilated cardiomyopathy” and “areas of myocardial ischemia” in the heart. In this sense, the newspaper ‘Ole’ indicated that the autopsy determined that the heart of the world champion in Mexico 1986 weighed 503 grams, about twice as much as a normal one. In addition, forensic doctors detected a likely “cirrhotic box” in the liver, “rupture of alveolar septums” and “a focus with intraalveolar oedema” in the lungs, and “acute tubular necrosis” in the kidney, but negative results in both alcohol and narcotics. In contrast, in Maradona’s body there were traces of venlafaxine, quetiapine, levetiracetam and naltrexone, drugs that, according to sources consulted by the Télam agency, could produce arrhythmias, so it should now be determined whether they were advisable for a patient with chronic heart disease.” It is as important what appeared as what did not arise from these laboratory tests, which at first glance confirm that Maradona was given psychopharmaceuticals, but no medication for his heart disease,” one of the prosecution investigators pointed to Télam. As little as the news was heard, Giannina, daughter of the former footballer, was blunt on social media. “All the sons of bitches waiting for my dad’s autopsy to have drugs, marijuana and alcohol. I’m not a doctor and I saw him very swollen. The robotic voice. It wasn’t his voice. It was happening and I was the crazy madwoman,” she wrote.

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