translated from Spanish: mobility in the CDMX has gradually been reduced

Mexico City’s head of government Claudia Sheinbaum said Wednesday that mobility in the country’s capital has slowly shrunk. He noted that this was the time when there was increased vehicular traffic in the city, so important work was being done on this issue, as part of the measures in the face of the red light emergency by the Covid-19 pandemic.
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For example, he cited that the decrease in influx in the Metro Collective Transportation System is 50 percent. On the Covid-19 vaccine, which arrived in Mexico City this day, he mentioned that they are awaiting being told by federal authorities about which health personnel and institutions will be the first to receive them. You’re interested: Covid-19 vaccine will reach for everyone, it will be free and paid with taxes: Lopez-GatellA at the end of January would be more than a million vaccines available, he said. There will be a national vaccination plan for Mexico City, which will inform the details of the implementation. He added that the level of hospitalizations by Covid-19 in the capital had been maintained. On the New Year’s Eve celebrations, he asked the citizens to leave the festivities and keep the healthy distance, and reiterated that he will be in operation of the breathalyzer. He further noted that payroll tax forgiveness, announced Tuesday by the local government, is only for businesses in Mexico City’s Historic Center.Sheinbaum clarified that the sale of toys in shopping malls was not permitted and restricted. Support for Christmas Eve producers
The capital worker spoke of the strategy to support agricultural farmers, particularly the Christmas Eve flower.Marina Robles García, secretary of the environment, stressed that in Mexico City there were 1 million 780 Christmas Eve plants and more than a million and a half have been sold, representing about 79 million pesos for sale. With this marketing strategy, a thousand 631 direct and 10 thousand indirect jobs have been created, he stressed. Robles García mentioned that the local government has registered 10 markets in which the Christmas Eve plants were sold, and the average cost per pot is 47 pesos because there are not so many intermediaries. He further noted that social media was an important part of the marketing strategy for online sales.

Original source in Spanish

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