translated from Spanish: Carles Puyol: «Messi is still motivated, we have Messi for a while»

Former FC Barcelona captain Carles Puyol assured that whoever his partner and current Captain Blaugrana, Lionel Messi, is looking forward to continuing to play and is «motivated,» so he believes there is «Messi for a while.» Messi is thirty-three years old and takes great care of himself. He’s still motivated and hungry. I think he’s got three or four years left at the highest level if he’s lucky and the injuries respect him. We still have Messi for a while,» Puyol said in an interview with ‘Goal’. Puyol stood out from Messi who pursues «new challenges» every day. «Messi is not the same player today as when he started. He has been adding things and improving to become a very complete player capable of scoring the pace of the match, scoring to the ball standing or giving assists,» he commented on his evolution.» He does pretty much everything. In the beginning it was very good, one of those players you gave the ball to and they made a great individual move, made differences and scored goals. Over time he has become an impressive player, at best,» he added. From his first impression of Messi, he explained that he knew it was very good to see him. «It didn’t take long to prove it, but no one could guess it would get where it’s come from. From day one he set an example with his humility and the way he did things. He was the only one capable of catching the ball and taking it to the opposite goal no matter who was ahead of him,» he recalled. You realize that he is a different player not because he is able to make differences and that he can win any match at any time but because over the years he has only done any improvement. For me, he is the best ever and has been for thirteen or fourteen years in a row,» said the 2010 world champion in South Africa.

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