translated from Spanish: Five brothers adopted after watching their story on television

Mariale and Jesus were watching an interview last September 10 in the «Good Morning America» cycle conducted by Antonio Laje and María Belén Ludueña. The interview was to Teresa Oria, a judge who opened a national call for five brothers of 14, 12, 10, 8 and 6 years, to be adopted by the same family and thus not have to separate them. Without hesitation the marriage joined the call and ran to be the adopting family of the Correntino children. The judge received several requests for the adoption of different interested marriages, but finally decided on Mariale and Jesus who were granted the pre-antive guard no later than six months, and if there was no inconvenience, it would grant them the ultimate tenure. Oria said: «We are happy for what happened. It’s not easy to find a home for a boy or girl. Which is why it is even more complex if they are several brothers. But thanks to the collaboration of many people, finally the five little brothers will be able to be together in one house.» He remarred, «This is the first time that five brothers can be adopted by the same marriage and in this way they can stay together.» 

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