translated from Spanish: Germany detected the first one infected with the new strain of coronavirus

The German Ministry of Social Policy and State Integration reported that an infected person with the new strain of coronavirus discovered in the UK in the land of Baden-Wurtemberg.La person is a passenger who arrived in Germany from the UK on a flight on 20 December and after being tested twice and having mild symptoms , was diagnosed with coronavirus.

Samples of the infected woman were delivered to the National Consultative Laboratory for Coronavirus.» Today came the result that confirmed infection with the new strain of coronavirus B.1.1.7″, In a press release, the Baden-Wurtemberg ministry reproduced by the Sputnik news agency.On 19 December, the UK health authorities confirmed the presence in the south of British territory of a new strain of SARS-CoV-2 that spreads faster and could be 70 per cent more contagious.
At the moment there is no evidence that this mutation affects the severity of symptoms, the rate of lethality, the response of antibodies or the effectiveness of vaccines. Germany is preparing to go through a new year-end holiday marked by coVID-19 case records and strong mobility restrictions.

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