translated from Spanish: Italy reaches two million contagions on Christmas closing day

Italy has surpassed the figure of two million coronavirus infections throughout the pandemic by registering 18,040 new infections in the last twenty-four hours, the largest increase in a week, the Ministry of Health confirmed today.
On the other hand, 505 deaths have been recorded on the last day, bringing the balance to 70,900 fatalities since the crisis broke out in mid-February.
Italy has confirmed more than 18,000 new infections since yesterday, Wednesday, an upward figure of concern to the authorities and which arrives on the same day that the country has confined itself to avoid spreading the virus over Christmas.
However, this increase in positive cases also responds to a greater number of diagnostic tests carried out, almost 194,000 since Wednesday.
On the other hand, the pressure in Italian hospitals continues to decline: of the 593,632 people who currently have COVID-19, the vast majority remain isolated in their homes with or without mild symptoms.
The in june 26,659, a reduction of 511 since yesterday, and 2,589 require intensive care (-35).
The most affected region is Veneto (northeast), which has confirmed 3,837 positives since yesterday. Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte expressed doubts as to whether this trend may be due to the variant detected in the United Kingdom and also located in Italy.
The extraordinary commissioner for the emergency, Domenico Arcuri, explained that the epidemiological curve «remains frozen» and the relationship between positive and test «has never been so low» since last October 20.
For this reason the Italian Government has decided to confine the population during the big days of this Christmas and its eves and the toughest restrictions to come into force today.
Italians, more than 60 million, can only leave their homes for reasons of need or to buy basic supplies, while non-essential shops remain closed and bars and restaurants open for home delivery only.
However, it is possible to visit relatives, provided that it involves the transfer of a maximum of two people (accompanied by children under fourteen years old) and without leaving the region under any circumstances.
Checkpoints in both the city centre and the exit roads have been intensified to ensure compliance with these standards. People will need to bring a statement proving the reasons for their mobility.
The provisions shall be valid until 6 January.

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