translated from Spanish: Price of pork rises on demand in Guasave

Sinaloa.- In view of the demand and scarcity that are held at this time of decembrian, the derivatives of pork and the often of res had an increase in price, which goes from 20 to 30 percent, so traders of the Municipal Market of Guasave try to supply lower than national chains, which gives them an advantage for them to prefer. Francisco Martín Rodríguez, general secretary of the Abasteros Union, confirmed that with regard to the busiest pumping center in the municipality, the increase was approximately 20 percent, especially in products that are for making pozole and pork loin. 
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«There are companies that raised their prices and people look where they give it the cheapest and here we have tried to hold the prices as much as we can, if there was a increase.»

In previous weeks the kilo of pork was offered below 70 pesos and currently sells around 90. The kilo was often at 50 pesos and right now it is quoted at 80 pesos, beef remains the same, from 110 to 120 pesos, depending on the abastero. «Beef for roasting remains the same, that’s what we’ve tried to keep.» Martín Rodríguez explained that last year there was the sale of 600 reses on these dates and this year has been lower and the figures are similar to the consumption of pork. In other words, the protein has seen a 30 percent increase in sales and expect a higher uptick today. Although the expectation was lower because of the situation that is lived of the Covid, because of the behavior of the customers the tradition of making dinner remains in force in 2020. Sellers established in the Municipal Market said that fluency continues, but unlike previous years now customers have decreased the amounts of consumption, and from ordering before 10 kilos of a product are now reduced to three or four kilos those who acquire. Variety
So far no product derived from res or pork has been scarce, so they invited to consume products in local shops and therefore support the economy in the municipality.

Original source in Spanish

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