translated from Spanish: Claudio Borghi’s agent announced next meeting with the Colombian Federation

Claudio Borghi’s representative Cristian Argiz revealed that next week the ‘Bichi’ would hold talks with the Colombian Football Federation to discuss the possibility of taking the bank from the combined ‘cafeteria’. As the days go by, the former technician of Colo Colo and today commentator has taken strength to put on the diver left by the Portuguese Carlos Queiroz in Colombia with a view to the resumption of the Qatar World Cup Qualifiers 2022.Es more. In dialogue with La Cuarta, Argiz stated that «I have been talking to Ivan Novella (Director of Development and National Teams of Colombia), the right arm of President Ramón Jerusún, who I understand is still convalescing coronavirus. As Novella told me, next week Jesurún will be in a position to hold a telematics meeting with Borghi and me.» «As far as I know, there are three stronger candidates, one Colombian and two foreigners. I don’t ask who the candidates are, because it’s not for me to do it,» he added. Even the agent of the Argentine strata said that «in Colombia it is known that the local applicant is Reinaldo Rueda, the technician of the Chilean national team. Among foreigners is the ‘Bichi’, that’s right.» «Claudio (Borghi) has already said it publicly on other occasions, he really likes the idea of reaching a selection as important as Colombia. It’s an interesting project for him, where he’d fit perfectly. But it’s not the only opportunity we’re running right now. There is one club in Spain and another in the Portuguese league who asked about their services,» he concluded.

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