translated from Spanish: Doctors of La Raza report that they only vaccinated managers; IMSS denies it

Doctors and nurses at La Raza Hospital staged a protest to report that the 22 vaccines assigned to staff were not applied to medical personnel on the front line fighting COVID.
The health person assured that the vaccines were assigned exclusively to hospital managers.
Doctors and nurses carried banners that said «Vaccinate the operative, not the manager», «Inhuman selfish managers», «Applause no, vaccine yes».
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Doctors and nurses at La Raza Hospital are protesting after noting that the 22 #Covid_19 vaccines they arrived were applied to senior staff and with comorities and not to doctors on the front line.
📸 Alfredo Moreno
— REFORM (@Reforma) December 24, 2020

After being questioned about this demonstration at the evening greeting conference, the director of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS), Zoé Robledo, said that only one manager was employed.
He reported that the 22 people selected for vaccination fall into various categories such as doctors, residents, nurses, radiologists, chemists, ambulance people, cleaning, among others.
There is a very important criterion for this selection: we seek to start with those who are most vulnerable and who are working in COVID area and have some risk factors such as being a person over 60 years old or having some chronic degenerative disease, he explained.
Zoé Robledo said that the director of The Raza Hospital, José Arturo Velázquez García, was emptied because he meets the criteria such as being 60 years old, has two comorities that are hypertension and allergic rhinitis, in addition to serving COVID areas.
The official asked to stop seeing abuses or arbitrariness as the doctor has been caring for COVID patients, as well as complying with the oversight and accompanying work of the staff.
«I don’t criticize, but not all hospital managers have, but he has, so it was decided that he should be vaccinated.»
He said there was no other manager who had been vaccinated and that no doses were applied to people other than health workers.
«It’s not true that people with non-medical comorities have been vaccinated,» he said.
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