translated from Spanish: E-commerce added more than 2 million new users in Argentina

As of the third quarter of this year alone, e-commerce added more than 2 million new users in Argentina as a result of restrictions on circulation through the coronavirus pandemic. This was stated by a report prepared by Mercado Libre in which the company does an x-ray of online consumption in Latin America.The report detailed the evolution of the annual behavior of users and reported that in Argentina, since March and within the framework of the pandemic and social isolation, preventive and mandatory, «the consumption habits of Argentines were completely transformed , and the online sale of brands, shops and SMEs was enhanced.»

Among the categories that grew the most during 2020 are those of medical equipment and pharmacy with an increase of 500%; edibles, with 397%; personal hygiene, 311%; home care and laundry, 223%; board games and cards, 223% and underwear and nightwear, 219%. The purchase of health care and Covid-19 prevention products soared from March and placed beards and gel alcohol at the forefront of the platform’s sales. The best-selling products of 2020 in Argentina on the Free Market platform were:
Spray alcohol
Gymnastics mats

Also, during the first months of quarantine (second quarter) the sale of mass-consumption products such as clothing and diapers grew, which were positioned among the best sellers in April. In addition, the growth of categories such as board games, consoles and video games was boosted throughout the region, and in the case of Argentina, specifically board games and cards was one of the most growing subcategories in sales. Lastly, Christmas party-related products, such as garlands and LED lights, were positioned as some of the best-selling products in the last month of the year.

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