translated from Spanish: Fire in Asunción, Paraguay, leaves families on the street

Paraguay.- Dozens of families living in La Cacharita had to flee their homes during Christmas Eve, as a woutfire swept through multiple homes, even during the morning of this Christmas, smoke could still be seen in the vicinity. La Chacarita, one of the most popular and humble neighborhoods of Asunción, Paraguay, woke up this Friday still among the smoke of the fire that affected dozens of families during Christmas Eve and caused damage to the adjacent building of El Cabildo, the seat of the old Congress, in the historic center of the capital. 
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The families of La Chacarita moved in the early morning to the neighboring squares of El Cabildo, where this Christmas day they are being assisted with tents, mattresses and food by the Municipality and the National Emergency Secretariat. 

Pots, household utensils and other properties were seen this morning in these squares as the only objects saved from the fire by their owners, who spent Christmas Eve in those places. So far the causes of the fire, which could be monitored in the early hours by volunteer fire brigades, are unknown, although local media are shuffling that it was due to the use of pyrotechnic products typical of the Christmas festivities. Sources from the Municipality indicated that no injuries were recorded, while cooling work continues. The mayor of Asunción, Oscar Rodríguez, who spoke Thursday night at the site, reported today that the work now focuses on the care of victims, for whom health services were also enabled. The fire affected a rear dependency of the building of El Cabildo, one of the cultural references of the capital, with activities all year round as the cultural arm of the Congress. Technicians of the body assess the damage of that part of the building, located between the Cathedral and the current Congress. Most of the houses affected are sheet metal and wood installations, part of the landscape of La Chacarita, as is popularly known to the Ricardo Brugada neighborhood, located on the strip that separates the heart of Asunción from the bay that forms the Paraguay River. The Paraguay River is also a threat regularly faced by the inhabitants of La Chacarita, watered every year by floods that cause their neighbors to move to public squares and military barracks.

Minimal part of the fire in Asunción, Paraguay. Photo. EFEIncendio in Asunción, Paraguay, leaves families on the street

Original source in Spanish

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