translated from Spanish: Papadopules’ lawyer said «this was not a road homicide»

At noon, Ricardo Papadopulos turned himself in to the police for Isaac’s five-year-old death after the car accident he starred in, where he ran over the minor and his mother as they crossed the intersection of San Pedrito and Directory avenues. , which remained on the run for nine days, appeared before the prenese and began to minimize the speed and recklessness with which his defendant drove in the hours of the night. Roberto Herrera stated at first instance that «it was not a road homicide» and argued that Papadopules escaped the place «out of fear, because of the fact that he did not have a driver’s record». However, he added that his condition is complicated «by not providing assistance to the victims.

«All he said was that he was very afraid,» stressed the lawyer, who also began to involve the driver of the truck who crosses seconds earlier in the death of the driver, as he claims that he covered up the vision «of both Papadopules and the victims», so he felt that the driver «has responsibility in the action.» On the other hand, he brazened the idea that his defender had been dodging cars in the previous one, noting that in the videos that were released «no other two vehicles are seen except two bikes that pass moments later». Gabriel Hecker, a lawyer for the victims’ family, also spoke in the previous one and considered that Papadopules drove «recklessly» and that in the face of the truck maneuver «he should have slowed down.» «Not only does it not slow down, but it celebrates and does not help dodging them. That speaks of reckless handling,» he said.

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