translated from Spanish: Prosecutor’s Office orders arrest of ex-partner Maria Isabel Pavez: he is the prime suspect in the crime

The Prosecutor’s Office issued an arrest warrant against the ex-partner of María Isabel Pavez (22), because the place where the remains of the university student were found corresponds to the address of the subject identified as Igor González.
According to prosecutor Marjorie Carrillo of the Florida Local Prosecutor’s Office, «December 23 it was established that the young woman was in an apartment, in a bedroom, lifeless.»
«Thanks to all the proceedings made, the statements taken and, moreover, the fact that the body was found lifeless in the home of its ex-partner, with whom he had a romantic relationship seven years ago, Igor González, a Mexican national, was asked the 14th Guarantee Court to decree an arrest warrant against him,» he added.
The disappearance of the obstetrics student occurred on December 17, when she left her home in Florida to allegedly meet someone she had met on the Tinder app. That’s what Maria Isabel told her friends, however, her mother told her that her departure was to join her ex.
Maria Isabel’s body was found on the night of Wednesday, December 23 inside an apartment in a building in Santiago Centro (which eventually turned out to be from Igor).

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