translated from Spanish: Reveal the secret Luis Miguel used to conquer women

Usa.- Singer Luis Miguel is best known because from a very young age he was a fairly handsome man, there are those who claim that he managed to conquer women when he was in full swing, this person who claims to be a close friend of the performer of «I need you» claims to reveal the supposed secret to do so. Also known as «El Sol de México» Luis Miguel is characterized by being one of the biggest celebrities in Mexico, his songs are heard for years and do not go out of fashion, on the contrary we continue to listen to them, seem to be part of the repertoire of any encounter.
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It is nothing new to anyone but the fact that Luis Miguel has dated several women throughout his career, he has always been a charismatic, captivating and charming man, however it might be possible that he has an exclusive secret to conquering women.

For years we have known details about the women he has dated throughout his life, however little is known about the method of conquest he used, perhaps his name and money would be enough or there would be something else.

Interview of the «Burro» Van Rankin to Palazuelos about Luis Miguel. 

It was Jorge «El Burro» Van Rankin himself, actor, driver and friend since his youth of the performer of «Suave» who shared this information, revealing the method of conquest that both used to attract ladies. It was during a video in one of the capsules of the program «Members in the air» that he shared this anecdote, was titled: «‘Burro’ Van Rankin and Palazuelos remember the festivities with Luis Miguel Members on the air,» was shared on the Unicable channel on September 25 this year.

On some occasions the series that recounts the life of Luis Miguel portrays him as a gallant with women for his success.

While Luis Miguel was in concert Jorge «El Burro» Van Rankin had an access plaque to all, it was the advantage that the singer had to get women, apparently only one plaque was enough to get girls, however the attention, chivalry and charisma with which Luis Miguel treated them was precisely what ended up falling in love with them as happened with his official and unofficial partners. This has been corroborated in an interview by Luz Elena González and Lucía Méndez, for them Luis Miguel is a complete gentleman despite having dated him at different times.

Original source in Spanish

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