translated from Spanish: This was the penalty for Duck and Keno in Exathlon after fight

Exathlon is back in controversy, and last Monday, December 21, another Exaball game was held; however, this one did not end in good shape, with a beating fight between Patricio «Pato» Araujo and Keno Martell. Because of this situation, those involved received punishment. Exaball, has never been one of the favorite games of the public, because being a contact sport and the extreme conditions that athletes face, it generates that the mood warms among the participants.
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One of the athletes who has been accused, by the members of the Heroes team, for having a fairly aggressive game, is Pato Araujo, the footballer has been constantly involved in controversy, as they consider that he enters with excessive force, when they play in exaball. However, the Titans have also complained that blue athletes, as they also consider that they make abrupt innings when trying to get the ball.

In the last Exaball, the situation was taken to the extreme, to the point that Pato and Keno came to the punches showing a totally wrong act of what the Exathlon wants to make known. The mood between Patrick and Keno warmed up when the former Chivas footballer sought to prevent his teammate from reaching the ball, but in his attempt to rip off his shirt; subsequently a slight contact between the two were enough to be engsed in a series of blows that concluded with the intervention of the other contestants, mainly Aristeo Cázares.

Images of the fight between Patrick and Keno in Exathlon/Screenshot

The show’s driver, Antonio Rosique, appeared on camera to make several announcements regarding the fight between the members of the Titans and Heroes teams. In this way the Mexican presenter offered a public apology to the audience, assured that he would do his best to ensure that such altercations did not happen again in the competitions and asked the two athletes to reflect on their attitude regardless of who started the fight. A day later, Rosique took advantage of the start of the sports joust to announce that both Pato Araujo and Keno Martell were left out of four competitions.
The clashes that both athletes missed are: For the Team Medal,Battle for Christmas.For going to the Exastore with 4,000 Exapoints.Battle for the fortress.

Original source in Spanish

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