translated from Spanish: Axel Callís and the fever of presidential candidacies in opposition: “When a political bloc has eight or nine candidates, it’s because it doesn’t have any.”

Calls to unity in opposition
“The calls to unity we’ve heard over the last few weeks are a guilty fad. Fashion because everyone is doing it, and they blame it because they know that from the beginning they didn’t want to come to those agreements.” Party presidents never sat at the table generously.”
The impossibility of the single list
“The main sin is not to have distinguished what is a Constitutional Convention from what is an ordinary election, as is an election of mayors. In the Constitutional Convention, one goes with knives to get as much out as possible, but genuinely one had to make a gesture of unity. However, when the matches began to offer seats for the independents, the possibility of a single list was lost, because apart from their quotas they had already offered other quotas to the independents.”
Registration of independents in matches
“Calls to independents are not mere expressions of charity or that the hearts of the parties have been enlarged. It’s just that many of them don’t have candidates and have been hit in their reputation. So they offer some big names, a marquee man a quota and next to him they put another person to that big independent with many qualities dragging the party person.  Not that there has been a generosity of many parties to bring independents. If they had really wanted to bring independents, they would not register, as is going to happen, a couple next door to benefit from that independent’s reputation and popularity.”
Election of representatives to the Constitutional Convention:
“It is the first choice that citizens have to effectively develop their own destiny. In these elections we will be “constitutionalized” the election of April 11 in the Metropolitan Region, in Valparaiso and in Concepción, but in the rest of the country the election will be tiptoed by the municipalities above the constituents. The world of 290 communes with 40 or 50 voters cares much more about the mayor than the constituent.”

Original source in Spanish

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