translated from Spanish: Brazilian judge killed by ex-husband on Christmas Eve

Brazil.- Devastating: at no Christmas, a judge from a court in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil was savagely stabbed by her ex-husband in the Barra da Tijuca neighborhood. On its own, the criminal act was witnessed by the 3 daughters of the marriage, as reported by official sources of that country. Judge Viviane Vieira do Amaral Arronezi, who was 45 years old, was one of the victims of femicide in the South American nation when, on the night of December 24, she was her husband and with whom she had 3 daughters, Paulo José Arronezi, will harass her on several occasions in front of her 3 little girls. The fact arose in the western part of the famous Brazilian city. The individual was quickly imprisoned at the site of the facts and subsequently put in prison. (Man in Argentina murders pregnant couple, commits suicide and 4-year-old is locked up for 2 days)
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The civil service official had previously filed complaints against her former partner/Source: Pixabay

As released by the police authorities, the public servant had previously filed formal complaints against her former romantic partner, as she had been assaulted by the 52-year-old man, which is why she had been provided with her own police escort by the government institution where she worked. However, Vieira do Amaral Arronezi decided to dispense with such a service after a while.

It should be noted that the event, of which the photographs were disseminated on the virtual platforms of the Internet, generated great shock among Brazilians, hence the Court of Justice of the state of Rio de Janeiro greatly regretted the death of the judge. For their part, the Association of Magistrates of Rio de Janeiro (AMAERJ), as well as the Association of Brazilian Magistrates (AMB) in a joint statement, called it «cowardly murder» while expressing their «extreme regret» over what happened on December 24. Moreover, in their letter they asserted that the crime will not go unpunished, since such acts are repudiated by Brazilians.» That crime won’t go unpunished. Femicide has the vehement repudiation of Brazilian society. Brazil needs to move forward. What happened on Thursday in Barraca da Tijuca is absolutely unacceptable,» Felipe Goncaalves, holder of AMAERJ, emphasized in the text.» Femicide is the portrait of a society still marked by gender-based violence. We need to combat this evil,» added the president of AMB, Renata Gil.De according to the comparison in the Brazilian Yearbook of Public Security 2020, which is carried out by the Brazilian Forum of Public Security, in 2019 thousand 326 women were victims of femicide in the country governed by Jair Bolsonaro.It should be mentioned that during the first half of 2020, despite all the confinement measures that were taken between March and June to prevent and prevent Covid-19 contagions, Brazil recorded a total of 648 cases of women killed on the basis of gender, a sum that gets bigger when it is taken into account that homicides that were classified as «intentional» were presented, between January and June, a thousand 861 murders of women , same as, compared to the same period last year (thousand 834 women killed), filed a hike.

Original source in Spanish

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