translated from Spanish: Already prepare Learn at Home III that will start in January 2021

Mexico.- The distance education strategy implemented in Mexico in the face of the coVID-19 pandemic, Learn at Home in its stage III, will comprise a new system from January 2021, indicated the Coordinator of International Relations of the Secretariat of Public Education (SEP), Jimena Saldaña Gutiérrez.
The official stressed that, for Learn at Home III, the support of national, private and public chains will continue because it cannot be given only by a channel, but must have differentiated schedules and cover as much area as possible, she said.
He commented that while classes were suspended in other countries, the education sector in Mexico did not stop for a single day and started the School Cycle, according to the planned schedule, and on August 24, Learn at Home II was undertaken.
He recalled that, for the mixed education system, which would combine face-to-face and distance classes, where some states would be at green traffic lights, and decisions fall to state governments, what the Ministry of Public Education was doing was to propose a new system to be called Learn at Home III, starting in January 2021.
Source: UNO TV

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