translated from Spanish: Culiacán is the municipality of Sinaloa with the most bed occupancy

Culiacán, Sinaloa.- Although Sinaloa has low COVID-19 bed occupancy, Culiacán still has the highest percentage of all municipalities in the state. By the end of the year, bed occupancy for coronavirus patients has been kept down, compared to the beginning of the saturated pandemic, and already waiting for the vaccine to arrive.
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Private hospitals and the Institute of Security and Social Services of State Workers have had the most saturation to date, according to the figures of the Ministry of Health in Sinaloa.

In statistics, 75 beds are available for private hospitals in Culiacán, of which 53 percent are already occupied. There are 40 beds from Angeles Hospital, City Medical, among other private health units that are serving patients with COVID-19; while in the Issste, 23 out of 58 are occupied, giving 40 percent occupancy in the nosocomio. Municipalities
There are 519 beds available to patients with COVID-19 throughout the municipality, of which only 140 remain occupied, leaving a percentage of 27 percent. The municipalities that follow are Mazatlan, Ahome and Guasave, of which the highest has only 16 percent occupied beds. Mazatlan is the most requested after Culiacán, with 50 occupied beds of 313 available; with Issste also having the highest demand, followed by J.En Ahome’s Margarita Meza, the register launches 24 percent COVID-19 bed occupancy, with 23, 96, occupied beds; in this municipality, private hospitals have a higher percentage of hospitals. For Guasave, the Mexican Social Security Institute has most of the percentage of COVID-19 beds, with 24 percent of the beds, out of 15 that it registers. The other one that has hospitalized is Salvador Alvarado, registering 17 percent of occupied beds, because of 64 available, 11 are occupied, mostly in the IMSS and the rest in the Ministry of Health of Sinaloa.At the state level, you have a 19 percent occupancy, with 275 available beds of 1 thousand 417 intended; the private sector has the highest demand, with 52 per cent.

Original source in Spanish

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