translated from Spanish: Martin Cyril and his decision to go to Turkey for a while

Last October Martín Cirio, a youtuber known as La Faraona, was involved in a fight with the Dipy from which a follow-up of old tweets emerged that ended in a criminal complaint which falls on Cirio for incitement to pedophilia. After this fact, he faced it he made videos explaining what happened and making his download, but nothing was the same again. Their network contentor declined markedly and their personal relationships were affected by this event. Now, after the cancellation he made one last video from our country, at least for a while, announcing the decision he made and telling how he feels and what his plans are in the future. In a video that lasts approximately 15 minutes he went through several moods and made his efforts to show himself as usual, he honestly spoke of the depression and dark moments he is going through. Which led him to go to Turkey, to generate other content and get a little away from all the media exposure. 
“I’m not going to lack the reason why I’m going to Turkey. It’s not a happy motive. The reality is, there came a point where I’m having a hard time working. The people who follow me in Twit… No, not Twitter, I don’t have that account is buried anymore. I watch Twitter and cry. every time I walk into Twitter it brings me bad memories,” he began counting. He continued: “Those who follow me on Instagram realize that I upload fewer and fewer stories, there are days that I just repost, and suddenly in a week I disappeared. And it’s not because I’m busy with music, it’s because I’m lying on the floor crying,” she detailed and clarified that she’s not going to live in Turkey, but “for a while,” she said. 

“There came a point that I said stop a little because I can’t stay on this wheel as if nothing had happened. Some people say ‘it’s already’, wave, get over it, and I’d love to be able to turn the page so fast because it would be so much healthier for me too,” he explained in his disclaimer. Finally, she compared herself to Britney Spears, saving the distances, and talked about how the industry “broke” her and made her a sad girl from whom everyone laughs at the tendency we have to dehumanize celebrities for their multiple benefits and position in life. 

Original source in Spanish

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