translated from Spanish: New national directive of the UDI, led by Javier Macaya, assumed for the next two years

After the triumph achieved in the internal elections held on December 12, the new board of directors of UDI national headed by Deputy Javier Macaya, had today its first management lunch assuming the mandate.
While the change of command was initially due to take place in the first days of next January, both the outgoing and the current directive agreed to make the transfer in advance, considering that there are several urgent issues that the party must resolve in the coming weeks, including the registration of nominations for the April elections.
The new directive begins its management with the focus placed on municipal and constituent elections as the first major challenge. The new president of the city, Javier Macaya, highlighted the historic moment when he assumed this new directive. “We are experiencing a cycle change, what is currently being lived in Chile is going to mark the future of the country. The constituent is the most important choice of the coming months and in the last half, it will define what Chile will be for the next 50 years.”
The Secretary General, María José Hoffman, deepened the issue by clarifying that the coming election period is intense and called on the public to dare to participate in politics. “We want to make it very clear that the UDI opens its doors for different citizens to be able to participate in the next elections, we want to add faces that go from indegation to action, enough to criticize, we want to offer a real alternative to Chileans to be able to govern especially in municipal ones because for the UDI in the municipal election is our popular seal , our identity.”
Along with establishing some working guidelines for the board, Macaya formally announced that former minister Isabel Plá will be the new national coordinator of the Women on the Court program, a party stand that aims to promote and encourage the participation of new female leadership in politics.
It also stressed the importance of the state and the political socio-political responsibility of parties in responding to gender equity requirements from an inclusive perspective.
“In the parity climate that Chile is experiencing, this is a responsibility that I value and consider it as important as the challenge that President Sebastián Piñera gave me almost three years ago when he asked me to lead the Ministry of Women and Gender Equity. The IUD has done a very important job in this area and we are going to deepen that work, we are going to go to convene, support and accompany the women we want to be candidates for the Senate, the Chamber of Deputies, governors. The UDI wants many women on the court competing on an equal footing with men in positions of political responsibility and who submit to citizenship.”
The new board of directors is completed by the mayor of La Reina José Manuel Palacios and the deputies Nicolás Noman, Gustavo Sanhueza and Sergio Gahona, occupying the vice presidencies. Meanwhile, Katherine Montealegre is the current prosecretariat.

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