translated from Spanish: They see unwillingness to fight arms in Sinaloa

Sinaloa.- Lawyers observe quite indolence in the federal government’s action to inhibit the shootings into the air that citizens have heard in Sinaloa at this time, and that in the absence of punishment of those who have weapons in their possession, the problem of insecurity that can cause innocent victims is maintained. Gilberto Acuña Armenta, Secretary of Connection with the Security Secretariat of the Confederation of Associations and Bar Associations of Mexico (Concaam), said that there is no political will to act on the part of the federal authorities, who know about the problem of arms that exists in the entity, and do not act.
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For many years he has suffered from the existence of many weapons that are in the hands of individuals, and that with them are committed crimes by members of organized crime, said Acuña Armenta. In this case, municipal police can’t do much, because they are really alone to prevent firearms from circulating between these groups. 

The lawyer mentioned that no action has been found from federal corporations, such as the National Guard, Army, and other police officers in charge of the Federal Government, who do not head operatives at this time, even though they know that there are many weapons between individuals and that they can cause major tragedies. They’re asking for operatives
To counter this serious arms problem, he raised that operational operations must be carried out because there are still many crimes for the use of weapons, in particular there is an uptick in those committed against the heritage of many Sinaloans. In his view, he commented that in this state there can be indolence on the part of the federal government on the issue of combating arms; which can also be attributed to the lack of political will to attack it. The lawyer said he is aware that, in most of the crimes committed in the cities of Culiacán and Mazatlan, criminals surprised victims on the streets near banking institutions and shops, usually using firearms. Acuña Armenta said that the unwillingness in the action of federal corporations has led to an valuing of another issue of relevance and can also be about alleged corruption. They call to report
The representative of the Confederation of Associations and Bar Associations of Mexico insisted on inviting citizens to denounce any strange movements that were presented near their homes, and that they should be confident in asking the Municipal Police for help, so that they would answer the call and have a review.

Original source in Spanish

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