translated from Spanish: Why is December 29 Bromatologist’s Day?

Bromatology is the science that studies food, its composition, its properties, the manufacturing and storage process and its ingredients. In a word it is the one that contemplates that any food you eat is in perfect condition to avoid possible intoxication or death. 
That is why every December 29th, the work of these specialists who have their day as the Day of the Bromatologist is celebrated and commemorated. 

Ephemeride is based on the 29th of December 1976 the day that Rubén Peruzzo, César St.cli, Bartolo Tolomeo and Raúl Tolomey, were received, being the first graduates in Bromatology of Argentina.La graduation of these men was an important moment in our country because the race was incorporated into the National Faculty of Entre Rios, and in 1986 , the Faculty of Bromatology was created. 

Bromatology is a part of science that studies in depth everything related to food in terms of its composition, nutrients and other substances, physicochemical characteristics, organoleptic qualities (taste, smell, texture, appearance, color, etc.), characteristics and behavior in terms of production, manipulation, elaboration, conservation and even in terms of health aspects. And therefore it includes a wide range of branches necessary to obtain the desired results of researching a food. 

Thus becomes the essential basis for addressing all aspects related to food, as it provides knowledge about the nature and behavior of food, thus ensuring a more adequate and safe consumption.

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