translated from Spanish: Covid-19 is likely to become endemic who says

More than a year after the world’s first case of Covid-19 was recorded, World Health Organization experts have mentioned that the virus is likely to become “endemic” i.e. it will not go away with vaccines.” The most likely scenario is that the virus will become another endemic virus and pose a very low level of threat in the context of a global vaccination program,” said Emergency Program Executive Director Mike Ryan.
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Although there are some vaccines with high effectiveness on Covid-19 he mentioned that it would not be enough to completely eliminate an infectious disease, as he explained that vaccination programmes will only allow to control the spread of coronavirus for society to return to normal. 

For his part, specialist David Heymann who fought at WHO’s head against SARS agreed to say that claiming that the vaccine eradicated the virus is a mistake as no one can predict how immunity will evolve.” The purpose of this coronavirus is to become endemic, as has happened with others. This coronavirus will continue to mutate as it reproduces in human cells, especially in areas of intense transmission,” he explained. However, Ryan explained that this pandemic may not be as strong as it was believed to be relatively low in relation to other diseases.” Although it may be shocking to people, this pandemic has been very serious, and it has arrived very quickly all over the world, but it may not be the great pandemic we feared. This is a very communicable virus and kills, but with mortality it is relatively low compared to other communicable diseases,” he explained.

Original source in Spanish

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