translated from Spanish: PRI officializes support for Mario Desbordes as presidential candidate

The Independent Regionalist Party (PRI) on Tuesday formalized its support for former Defense Minister Mario Desbordes as his letter for next year’s presidential election.
The party released this decision through a statement posted on its Twitter account, detailing 11 reasons to support the former National Renewal (RN) MP.
Among these reasons, they highlighted the role that Desbordes played in the so-called «Agreement for Peace and the New Constitution» – which gave rise to the constituent process that began last October with the plebiscite of entry – and also in the constitutional reform that allowed the first withdrawal of 10% of pension funds.
In the statement, they noted that «our party has been working directly and jointly with Mario for quite some time. In fact, he participated in the session of the General Council which gave the green light to the political vote that endorsed the position of the Apruebo in the constitutional plebiscite and also kept open the channels of communication, both in the Political Committee of La Moneda and within Chile Vamos, on proposals given to the Government in various matters and in the aforementioned Agreement for Peace and a new Constitution.
They also support Desbordes because «like us it is committed to the constitutional recognition of our original peoples, an item that will have as its first impulse the choice of seats reserved for all ethnic groups in the ongoing constituent process».
«Because he has the conviction that the right to water is a human and fundamental right for all Chileans without the exception of any species,» adds the misiva.
Moreover, they argue that «at the present time of the political juncture, proven and weighty leadership such as mario Desbordes’ is required. Everyone knows their opinion and does not shy away from the debate even if they are themes that may be uncomfortable. The path of dialogue is its main legacy and, surely, its positions for the benefit of the middle class and the popular sectors will lead a path for Chile’s regionalists and independents.»

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