translated from Spanish: Single List Committee by Apruebo: “If the opposition is divided into 4 lists, the right could get more than 50% of the constituents”

An urgent call on the presidents of the opposition’s political parties to achieve a unitary list and not suffer a defeat in the upcoming elections of the Constitutional Convention made a group of personalities gathered on the Single List Committee by The Apruebo.
“If there is no single list of all political and social opposition to the choice of constituents, there will be no new Constitution that makes Chile a more equal, just, democratic and environmentally friendly country. Those who refuse to do so, whether political or independent, will be responsible,” the text of the letter states.
The statement was sent to Alondra Arellano, president of Social Convergence;  Alvaro Elizalde (PS), Camilo Lagos (PRO), Catalina Pérez (RD), Carlos Maldonado (PR), Fuad Chahín (DC), Guillermo Teillier (PC), Heraldo Muñoz (PPD), Jaime Mulet (FRVS) and Octavio González (Green Environmentalist).
The calculations
The statement provides mathematical data that reinforces the need for a single list, based on a study by academic Luis Felipe Ramirez.
The caveat is that the distributional figure system governing the election determines that the result is not the same if the opposition goes into two or more lists and “even though we got the vote of one and a half million additional young people and women who voted for the first time in the plebiscite, the right will reach in the choice of constituents just over 32%. And opposition just under 68%.”
“If finally the opposition is divided into 3 or more lists, to the point that if divided into 4 lists the right could get more than 50% of the constituents,” adds the misiva.
On the other hand, “if all the opposition, political and independent, are presented on a single list, we would instead achieve 99 constituents, so it would be sufficient for 5 representatives of the original peoples to be added to our proposals to reach 2/3,” they add.
The text signed by Alejandro Goic, Alvaro Ramis, Luis Maira, Pedro Felipe Ramírez, Sergio Aguiló, María Eugenia Camus and Víctor Barrueto, among other National Awards, public figures, social leaders, leaders and social leaders, characters of culture and political leaders of a wide range, concludes by warning that “any pretext to refuse unity, however valid, is to give it to the right the ability to maintain in the fundamentals the Constitution of Pinochet. That is why it is a duty to our people and to Chile to put all our will into building a single list of opposition.”

Original source in Spanish

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