translated from Spanish: Surrogacy of services in Michoacán Health, double expenses and static staff, workers complain

Michoacán.- More than 63 million pesos, spent the Ministry of Health in Michoacán in 2019 for food services for various hospitals, leaving aside workers who were hired for such services.
Documents made to this wording check the services paid for by the unit in 2019 for 26 hospitals in the state.
In each hospital there is a group of workers who are relegated from their activities by the hiring of companies that offer their services, in this case of food.
The documents even detail that the staff offered by the food service consists of managers, supervisors, warehousemen, among others, being that the unit has its staff and only the purchase of food would suffice for the staff to prepare and deliver them. However, the institution decided to hire external companies, doubling costs and taking aside staff, as well as cleaning, which on many occasions is not enough either.
“That is their way of restructuring, rather than reinforcing the internal, increasing salaries of mayoral staff that is so necessary especially in this pandemic, they prefer to pay outsiders, spend more, favor companies of family or friends and set aside the internal workforce,” they say, workers who for fear of reprisals do not give their names.
The documentation of more than 100 pages demonstrates the detailed contracting of food, unit costs of each diet, as well as payment of pharmacy services, oxygenation, sterilization, cleaning, fumigation hemodynamics, among others.

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