translated from Spanish: Vaccination operation began across the country

The national coronavirus immunization plan was launched on Tuesday across the country. The 300,000-dose distribution operation of the Sputnik V vaccine was developed from its arrival in Russia and, in a first stage, announced that it will go to health personnel. The vaccination schedule was scheduled to begin at 9 a.m. In recent hours, all provinces received doses as part of an operation that included hundreds of preservatives, tons of dry ice and a large number of trucks for their logistics. Although it was scheduled to run away simultaneously at 9 a.m. Governor Axel Kicillof, the dose of the vaccine was anticipated and applied at 8.30 at St. Martin’s Hospital in the city of La Plata.

Based on the results of a pilot test, it was determined that the procedure for receiving the dose may take between 8 and 12 minutes, from the time the person arrives, is vaccinated, registered and leaves the health center with their license. Of the total of the 300,000 doses that arrived from Russia, the following distribution was established: Buenos Aires 123,000 vaccines; Santa Fe 24.100; the city of Buenos Aires 23,100; Cordoba 21,900; Tucumán 11,500; Mendoza 11,000; Between Rivers 10,100; Jumps 8,300; Chaco 7,700; Currents 6,700; Santiago del Estero 5,900; Missions 5,200; St. John 4,700; Jujuy 4,600; Rio Negro 4,400; Neuquén 3,600; Formosa 3,400; St. Louis 3,300; Chubut 3,000; Catamarca 2,800; La Rioja 2,600; Santa Cruz 2,400; The Pampa 2,300 and Tierra del Fuego 1,300.

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