translated from Spanish: Millie Bobby Brown opens her heart at Christmas

2020 has not been easy for anyone, for more than a year after the world remains immersed in a pandemic by Covid-19, Christmas has raised awareness of many figures of the show, as Shown by Millie Bobby Brown who with a tender message of encouragement gave strength to people who lost a family member during this 2020.» Happy holidays, everybody. This year has been very difficult and strange. For anyone who’s lost someone this year, I send them my love. My nanny Ruth is in heaven looking down at Winnie and I counting our blessings. I love you all so much. I’m very grateful for everything I’ve got. Forever and ever after❤, » wrote Millie Bobby Brown
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Like many, Bobby Brown still has the loss of a great relative, his grandmother Ruth who a few weeks ago lost his life leaving a vació in the young actress’ life. In that opposition Millie Bobby Brown mentioned that it was one of the games that has caused him the most pain.
«There are no words that make sense right now. There’s no feeling to point out. Loss is such a complex thing and I go through spells where I can’t stop crying and then I laugh at all the memories and then I feel silent and try to understand what happened,» she said. 
So in the face of the Christmas celebration, the performer of Once in Stranger Things, decided to raise awareness and give a little hope to all those who lost a family member to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Original source in Spanish

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