translated from Spanish: The 1000-day plan is law

At the end of voting for the Voluntary Pregnancy Interruption Act (IVE), the National Law on Comprehensive Health Care and Care during Pregnancy and Early Childhood, also known as the 1,000-day Plan, was voted on. The bill was unanimously passed with 65 votes in the upper house. The project extends the Universal Pregnancy Allowance (EUA), which will go from six monthly payments to nine, to cover the entire gestation. The Birth and Adoption payment is extended to persons benefiting from Universal Child Assignment (AUH), who are so far excluded from this benefit.
It provides for the public and free provision of essential inputs during pregnancy and for early childhood, coordinating and expanding existing programmes, and the creation of the Early Birth Warning System and the Vital Facts Certificate to ensure the right to identity of newborn children. Inputs include the provision of essential medicines, vaccines, milk, foods for healthy growth and development in pregnancy and childhood. The project aims to strengthen the “right to protection in specific situations of vulnerability” for “girls in need of special care in their early years”, “people who are high-risk pregnancies” or suffer from “thrombophilia”, “women or other pregnant people in violence on the grounds of gender” and “pregnant girls and adolescents”. With the adoption of this law, an Administrative Coordination Unit is created within the scope of the Ministry of Health “for the care and comprehensive care of the health of women and pregnant people during pregnancy and their children up to the age of 3”.

With 65 affirmative votes, the national law on comprehensive care and care during pregnancy — Argentine Senate (@SenadoArgentina)
December 30, 2020

Radical Judge Mario Fiad, a resident of the Upper House Health Commission, said the initiative is “a real public policy for the care of our children” and called for “not to be left in good purposes because this project is expressed in future time without deadlines or specifications.” I hope this project can be articulated with the rest of the rules. It is declarative, it is not even said where the funds will come from to do these actions, but we will still vote positively so as not to delay the very few measures it sets,” Fiad said. “That’s why the government’s decision is to implement effective policies, not isolated, but comprehensive so that they together give an effective result,” he said. This 1,000-day programme recognizes a set of rights and lines of work between different agencies because territorial equity in coverage is achieved by meeting needs in large urban centres and in the deep interior,” Neder added.

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