translated from Spanish: the photo showing the stark reality of three doctors

The photograph of three doctors resting on the ground next to a patient with Covid-19 became an emblem of the healthcare staff’s struggle.
The image was taken at a hospital in the Russian province of Leningrad, where the three doctors work with coronavirus patients. As it transcended, the men were photographed by another colleague on Tuesday morning. The image was posted on the website of CMSCh institution No. 38 of the Russian Federal Medical-Biological Agency, and quickly went viral.
One of the protagonists of the story, Rasul Nazarov, told the RT portal that he and his colleagues, Yekaterina and Alexei, were called at two o’clock in the morning to help a patient from the Intensive Care Unit, who was suffering a panic attack.
«By that time, we had already finished our previous day’s shift, and other boys came. But there was so much work that we had to get back to the hospital at two in the morning,» the young man explained.
The patient was reportedly connected to a respirator, but suffered a panic attack and began removing the oxygen mask. «She didn’t understand what was happening to her, » added the doctor.
Then, along with her colleagues, they tried to reassure her, while holding her oxygen mask. «When the woman calmed down a little, we lay on the floor, because it’s at least a little cold. In the photo it may seem like we’re sleeping but we were actually lying watching the patient, watching the monitors,» Rasul said. For her part, the woman is in good condition.

Source: The Nation

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