translated from Spanish: Underground party in Broadway space: Carabineros reported at least 200 people arrested

This day a possible clandestine festival was reported in Broadway Space.The fact takes place in the commune of Pudahuel and according to preliminary information the number of attendees of the event exceeds 100 people. A contingent of the Prefecture of Public Order Control (COP) of Carabineros is on site carrying out the audit. The commander of Carabineros, Cristián González, detailed that “thanks to the information provided to us by our neighbors a staff of Carabineros in a timely manner is constituted in the Broadway space finding an activity that apparently does not have the corresponding authorizations and does not comply with the respective health protocols.” Based on this situation we have made coordinations with the respective health authorities that have already been set up on site for the purpose of collecting the relevant information and that we can adopt the appropriate procedure,” he added. In addition, the police officer confirmed that “in this case more than 100 people have been counted who are within this activity.” After 8:30 p.m. Carabineros reported that he had already arrested approximately 210 people.

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