translated from Spanish: Visit influencer Jiapsi Yáñez the magical village of El Fuerte

The Fort, Sinaloa.- As part of the tourism promotion program implemented by the Ministry of Tourism of the Government of the State of Sinaloa, the visit of digital content filmmaker Jiapsi Yáñez was made; who was accompanied by state unit personnel in the north. The Sinaloan youtuber also attended the community of Los Capomos to enjoy up close the attractions offered to tourists the Yoreme culture, “in El Fuerte, we had the visit of the Influencer Jiapsi Yáñez, during his team tour with the Sectur, we toured the community of Capomos, there he greeted Don Ernesto Rosas, an icon of the May-Yoreme culture , faithful to the traditions of the indigenous group, who preserves one of the most ingrained rituals such as the “Danza del Venado” and Doña Camila Vega, who offered us handmade tortillas in the wood oven… Remember that this destination is part of the Routes of the Traveling Puro Sinaloa program,” the Ministry of Tourism published.
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On behalf of Mayor Nubia Ramos Carbajal and as head of this area, Brizya Cárdenas López Director of Tourism of the City Council accompanied the entourage to various destinations in the magical village, where Yáñez was shown, among other attractions, the emblematic show of “El Zorro” staged in the Hotel Posada del Hidalgo located in the heart of El Fuerte.

“We are very happy to have the presence of a figure like Jiapsi Yáñez, she is a recognized influencer not only in Mexico, even in various parts of Latin America, that will show on her social networks the beauties that we have in El Fuerte… I am sure that thanks to these tourism promotion programs implemented by the state Sectur, more tourism will be generated and, in addition, a better economic spill in our magical town… We continue as a Tourism Directorate actively collaborating, we have the example of our President Nubia Ramos who is a faithful promoter of Fortense tourism,” said Brizya Cárdenas.La official said that the influx of tourists has been constant in recent days, a situation that has favoured service providers, who at all times continue to comply with the preventive health measures recommended by the health sector and by the Ministry of Tourism itself led by Oscar Pérez Barros to ensure safety of tourists visiting the magical village of El Fuerte.

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