translated from Spanish: Health center employee ruined more than 500 doses of Modern vaccine

About 500 doses of Moderna’s coronavirus vaccine were deliberately ruined by a health center employee in Milwaukee, USA. The event occurred last weekend at Aurora Medical Center, where, at night, an employee withdrew the vaccines by decision. For that reason, the vaccines lost the cold chain and had to be discarded.» Earlier this week, we learned that 57 boxes – each with 10 doses – of the Moderna vaccine were removed from a refrigerator at Aurora Medical Center – Grafton overnight, resulting in more than 500 doses of vaccine being discarded,» said a medical center spokesman.

Immediately, he explained, an internal investigation was opened. «We were made to believe that this was caused by an involuntary human error, but the person in question acknowledged that he intentionally withdrew the vaccine from refrigeration,» he said. The fact is being investigated by the FBI and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and the person responsible has already been fired.» We continue to believe that vaccination is our exit from the pandemic. We are more than disappointed that this person’s actions resulted in the delay in vaccinating more than 500 people,» they added from the Medical Center.

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