translated from Spanish: Michoacán, about to enter a complex stage by COVID-19: Silvano Aureoles

Morelia, Michoacán.- In an urgent message to the Michoacans through their social networks, Governor Silvano Aureoles Conejo, reported that the state is about to enter a complex scenario before COVID-19.
«This is an urgent message to all Michoacans. Michoacán is about to enter a very complicated scenario, due to the alarming increase in contagions and hospitalizations, and consequently deaths. The ten months of pandemic control we’ve achieved together can collapse and move on to a nightmare scenario at the start of the year, if we don’t act urgently,» he said.
He explained that hospital occupation in Morelia is at 70 percent of its capacity.
«This means that, unfortunately, in the coming days we can get to the critical point that there are no beds, that there are no staff, no space or capacities to care for COVID patients,» he warned.
He added that, in the municipality of Zamora there are no more beds available and the risk of this happening in the other municipalities is very high,» he emphasized.
For this reason and in the face of the fact that a part of Michoacana society has been distracted and has let its guard down in recent days, Silvano Aureoles again launched the call for the co-responsibility of citizens, even more so on holiday dates such as New Year’s Eve.
«Again I make an energetic call, as a precaution, but also as a warning, because the levels of contagion to which we have reached will force the measures to harden. Therefore, I beg you, for your families, for your families, for your children, for your parents, for your grandparents and also for all medical personnel who are currently living very intense days, do not hold meetings and parties this New Year’s Eve, and throughout January, until further notice,» he said.
Aureoles Rabbit reminded the population only to leave home for the strictly urgent and necessary, in order to stop the number of contagions, because if they continue they could run out of medical attention.
«For Michoacán and for your family, be responsible. Don’t let a new year-end meeting or conviality turn into a family tragedy.
In our hands is to make 2021 a better year for everyone. Let’s take care of our health and take care of life,» he concluded.

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