translated from Spanish: Nikko released «El Nuevo Planeta», his first solo album

Nicole Mugneco, known artistically as Nikko, released «El Nuevo Planeta», her first solo album, which is now available on all digital platforms. After 11 years with the band Finnegans, the artist presents her 7-song album, which represents the metaphor for venturing into a deeply unknown place. This can be noted in topics such as «People in Blue» or «The Air You Breathe».
«A part of me is uncomfortable, still and expectant, at that party where everyone screams, dances and seduces. While my mind is a chimney sweep that climbs the roofs of the city and travels at night in search of the scents and breezes in a summer that I still don’t find hot. I feel the one they didn’t invite and from the road I see through their windows the lights of the candles, I watch and follow the journey,» he said in a press release.» When the sun hits me, my eyes cry loudly, so black and makeup protect me. I’m a little lonely who enjoys the wind in her face and watches every last smile. With Nikko, I locked myself in my room again, like when I was a little girl and writing stories. I looked up to see the world and got back in, because from my room everything was possible,» he continued.
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