translated from Spanish: Paris and Colmed’s reviews for not paying the Covid bonus: «It hurts me that in this pandemic (…) let’s talk about silver»

The Minister of Health addressed the guild’s claims, which also include declining assignments. Asked about the request of the agency’s president, Izkia Siches, for President Piñera to intervene, the secretary of state’s response was to rule out this option.

The Minister of Health, Enrique Paris, referred to the conflict that arising between the government and the Medical College, after the guild criticized the non-delivery of the Covid bonus to all doctors, coupled with the decrease in assignments. «It hurts, it hurts me that in this pandemic, where a lot of people have worked, we are talking about silver. I don’t think it’s the minute,» the secretary of state said. In doing so, he replied that the 200,000 peso Covid bonus «was given to primary care physicians, to all the doctors in the Confusam who negotiated differently across the public sector table.» Doctors who work in hospitals are outside the Confusam, are in another group and did not receive the Covid bonus,» he added. On the other hand, Paris was consulted on the letter delivered by the president of the Medical College, Izkia Siches, asking President Sebastián Piñera to be part of the claims. In this sense, the authority ruled out this option, clarifying that «the President of the Republic will not intervene in this discussion because there is a working table in the Minsal, by Dr. Juan Cataldo whom I asked to work with and are meeting permanently to discuss this issue».

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