translated from Spanish: The bitter one-year balance for oblivion: Covid-19 left 82 million contagions and 1.8 million dead worldwide

This 31 December 2020, covid-19 infected are already over 82 million, and deaths reach 1.8 million worldwide at the age of one year since Chinese authorities informed the World Health Organization (WHO) of the emergence in Wuhan City of a previously unknown pneumonic disease.
At the time, a month after the coronavirus was reported, WHO declared an international emergency, although it would not consider the health crisis a pandemic until 11 March, the German public half deutsche Welle recalls.
Today, Wuhan, the city of the center of the Asian giant almost normal life ago, while the pandemic became present in more than 210 countries and territories and the world is pressing itself to leave behind one of the hardest years in history with the conviction that much is left to leave the pandemic definitively behind.
Eye doctor Li Wenliang was one of the first to sound the alarm in the face of the new coronavirus. He died on 7 February at Wuhan Central Hospital, the victim of the disease.
While initial vaccination steps are being taken in several countries around the world to achieve immunity against the deadly virus, cases of the new strain, initially identified in the UK, have already been detected elsewhere in the globe, including Chile.
The new variant of coronavirus detected in the UK is 50% to 74% more contagious than other existing strains, according to experts. Canada, the United States, Portugal, France, Jordan, South Korea and even China have already been found in a student back from the UK.
JHU data
According to data from Johns Hopkins University (JHU), 82,709,354 people have died of covid-19 and 1,805,035 people have died from the disease on the planet.
According to figures published thursday on the university’s website, the United States continues to record the highest number of contagions with 19,740,471, nearly a quarter of the overall total.
New York State remains the country’s hardest hit by the pandemic with 37,868 dead, followed by Texas (27,895), California (25,357), Florida (21,550) and New Jersey (19,109). The first case in California of the new British strain of Covid-19 has already been detected, so two cases are already confirmed in the US.
Forecasts are complex. The White House’s leading infectious disease specialist, Dr. Anthony Fauci, expects the country to reach sufficient level of collective immunity through vaccines and to regain «some appearance of normality» by the fall of 2021.
The United States is followed by India with 10,266,674 and Brazil with 7,619,200. In the case of the Americas, brazil, which recorded 1,194 deaths on Wednesday, its highest number in four months, is again concerned.
Among the most contagious European countries are Russia with 3,100,018, France with 2,657,624 and the United Kingdom with 2,440,202, a country that also added another 981 deaths yesterday, the highest figure since April Germany maintains the record levels of more than 30,000 contagions that were observed already in the week before Christmas.
According to johns Hopkins University data, the number of deaths worldwide reached 1,805,035, with the United States at the forefront (342,395), followed by Brazil (193,875), India (148,738), Mexico (124,897) and Italy (73,604). Among the most deadly European countries, in addition to Italy, the United Kingdom (72,657), France (64,508), Russia (55,692) and Spain (50,689) are ranked.
According to these statistics, JHU Chile accumulates 606,950 contagions and 16,499 deaths.

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