translated from Spanish: The suspected «business» constituent of Felices and Forrados

Felices y Forrados (FyF), the planned advisory firm led by Gino Lorenzini, has a massive community of followers who blindly rely on their advice to change AFP funds, a practice that is looked at with suspicion by the financial sector and that in other countries, such as the United States – not so in Chile – is strictly regulated.
In recent times, the firm has jumped from controversial controversy, such as the eventual relationship with DC Senator Ximena Rincón – something the MP denies – or the denunciation of «triangulation» against Sebastián Piñera’s family to acquire shares in AFP Habitat, a subject discarded by the Superintendency of Pensions.
But as an undertaking in search of new directions, the company decided to diversify its portfolio of «businesses», and now, in addition to living as a parasite of the AFP world, it is taking a step into the field of politics, getting into the process by a new Constitution, although without explaining its constituent positions or what voters intend to capture, whether from the world of Apprehend or Rejection.
Indeed, FyF Vota Feliz – the name of Lorenzini’s political platform for «political entrepreneurship» – reported this week that it has already managed to register «more than 300 pre-minutes» to participate in the election of the members of the Constitutional Convention on April 11.
«This is an unpublished fact and I could lift the largest list of independent candidates in the country to draft the new Constitution,» they argue. They are now in the process of gathering 35,000 sponsoring firms by January 11, 2021.
The announcement is given in the midst of the debate over the emergence of independent candidacies that will only disperse the votes of the apruebo world, for the election of 11 April, and which – according to expert calculations – will end in the facts for facilitating a triumph of the right.
Among the candidates of FyF Vota Feliz is Lorenzini, the «guru» of this community, who already obtained almost a thousand signatures – of the more than 2,400 necessary – to be able to register as an independent candidate for District 10, composed of La Granja, Macul, Auñoa, Providencia, San Joaquín and Santiago. It is a coveted territory and for which candidates such as journalist Lucía López will apply, in PPD quota; the author of the secret history of Chile, Jorge Baradit, in place of the Socialist Party; former DC minister Laura Albornoz and the community’s constitutional lawyer, Patricio Zapata, as well as former FECh President Emilia Schneider, among others.

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