translated from Spanish: contagions and coronavirus deaths today

Morelia, Michoacán. – The state of Michoacán begins in 2021 with 33,040 confirmed cases of Covid-19 and 2,695 deaths according to the daily technical report issued on the night of December 31 by the Ministry of State Health, to which the last 165 coronavirus contagions and 32 deaths recorded in the entity were added. Derived from social mobility, the occupation of Covid hospitals reported in Michoacán worrying levels until 14:00 hours this Saturday, December 26: the private nosocomios Star Médica and Angeles is reported occupied at 100 percent, Morelia’s ISSSTE at 83 percent, Morelia’s IMSS at 69 percent and the “Dr. Miguel Silva” General Hospital has an occupancy of 51 percent. However, this Wednesday the Zamora General Hospital was also declared full with COVID-19 patients.
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Governor Silvano Aureoles Conejo has stressed that the coming days are still of vital importance in curbing the coronavirus pandemic, so he externally petitions society to avoid social events throughout January.

On the weekend, health authorities in Michoacán also released specific health protocols for the city of Morelia, where hospitals serving patients with covid-19 are already beginning to become saturated. The agreements reached by the members of the health committee were as follows: 
Closure of non-essential activities and shopping centers from 19:00 hrs, on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, including Thursday, December 31, which will run throughout january 2021. 
Vehicle closure of the first painting of the city of Morelia from December 27, 2020 and throughout january 2021, with exclusive opening for emergency services. 
It is forbidden to hold new year-end parties in halls, and other public and private venues, as well as the realization of campfires on public roads and jaripeos.
Integration of the Municipal Clinic and Module of the Colonia Primo Tapia of Municipal Health, for the realization and registration of rapid antigen tests for the detection of COVID-19.
Surveillance of beverage-exporting establishments (beer tanks, wine shops, shops, etc.) with cessation of this activity from 19:00 hours.
Coordination State and Municipality for the installation of the tianguis of the toy, prioritized health measures.
Itinerant review points for public transport, in coordination with Cocotra, for the purpose of finding 50% occupancy and strict use of water covers. 
Social communication campaign with homogeneous message between State and Municipality, for the dissemination of COVID-19 containment measures in the municipality of Morelia.
Encouraging co-responsibility in shops and small shops for the strict use of mouth covers and healthy distance, if not met, the relevant sanctions will apply and may be up to the closure of the establishment.
Compliance with these agreements will be monitored between The Municipality State, in coordination with Public Security and National Guard.
Weekly risk assessment according to statistical evidence for action adjustment decision-making.

COVID-19 overview in Michoacán

According to information provided this afternoon by the Michoacán Ministry of Health around the pandemic, cases of contagion and Coronavirus deaths have progressed as follows:
33,040 confirmed cases (165 more than yesterday)
1,940 suspected cases (288 fewer than yesterday)
42,787 negative cases (121 more than yesterday)
2,695 deaths (32 more than yesterday)
28,792 people recovered (123 more than yesterday)

Color of flags by municipality
According to the dynamics presented since May 30, the economic revival of the state of Michoacán would be watered under colored flags and these flags would indicate to society what activities could be carried out, in addition to informing what is the status of the municipality before the Coronavirus pandemic. He meanseach color is as follows:
Red Flag: The status is at the maximum point of contagion and the activities that are carried out or the services that were activated, will only be able to work at a capacity of 25%.
Yellow flag: the entity is at a high point of contagion and that although the activity continues to resume, this will be done gradually in order to avoid returning to red.
Green Flag: the risk of contagion is low, at this stage businesses and companies that can resume activities are expanded, but with the quota of a maximum of 75 percent of their capacity.
White Flag: the risk of contagion is controlled and will only be subject to constant monitoring through daily registration in modules that analiize respiratory diseases.

Until the 27th of dicembre no municipality has red or orange flag, 3 are in mooring flag: La Piedad, Morelia and Zitácuaro, 27 have green flag and the rest are white flag which is the level of lower risk of contagion and therefore indicates a greater economic reactivation.

Each municipality displays the color of the flag on which each michoacán ammunition is located according to the state indicator of Covid-19, which was issued by the Ministry of State Health on December 27. (Capture)

Rules for economic revival
Below we share the steps and rules that business sectors authorized to open their doors must follow and respect pear avoid being sanctioned with definitive closures:
Respecting health protocols in all sectors
Conduct health assessments to understand the conditions staff are in 
Monitor the contagion curve (in the event of a new outbreak, activities will close again and return to confinement)
Responsibility on the part of Michoacans to comply with these rules, otherwise companies that do not abide by these rules of ‘New Coexistence’ will be closed

Silvano Aureoles, highlighted that even if the work begins to be reactivated, that does not mean that the disease does not exist or there is no longer a risk of contagion, on the contrary, I say that Michoacán is still immersed in the pandemic and that is why you should not let your guard down. He also clarified that if contagions begin to rebound as a result of economic reopening, the activities already allowed will be suspended again by falling once again into house isolation.How can I tell if I have coronavirus?
If you have any of the symptoms: fever, tiredness, dry cough, nasal congestion, rhinorrhea, sore throat and diarrhea, it is recommended that you call the telephone number made available by the Ministry of Health 800 123 28 90, the line is available to answer your doubts about the Covid-19 and in case you present any of the symptoms you will be provided with advice on what you should do to know if you are a carrier of the virus. The Michoacán Ministry of Health notes on its portal that you can also go to your entity’s health centers if you are a person within the contagion risk sector such as:
People over the age of 65
Pregnant women
People with obesity, diabetes, hypertension or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
People with HIV
People with Cancer

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