translated from Spanish: From today medical licenses must be issued electronically

To issue medical licenses, physicians, midwives and qualified dentist surgeons must do so digitally from today, January 1, 2021, through operators who currently process such documents electronically. This as instructed by Decree No. 46 amending Supreme Decree No. 3, which indicates that it will be mandatory for all providers to issue in this format, except in special cases where the appropriate technological means are not available. Exceptions to continue to deliver these paper documents will be circumstances relating to the lack of technological means or their incompatibility where they are required, for example, that the area does not have access to the internet. In view of the latter, the Compin, the entity responsible for selling medical license rotaries, will only make this format available to those issuers who are under such special circumstances. According to the director of the National Compin Department, Victoria Campos, «given the benefits of this system for the digital flow of medical license processing, it will be essential that both the treating physician and the employer are attached to one of the electronic medical license operators such as Medipass, IMED and the Fonasa portal». It should be noted that the issuance of electronic medical licenses began in 2007 for Isapre quoters and by the end of 2011 it was expanded for workers affiliated with Fonasa. The latter – as of 30 November 2020 – recorded an 87.1% use of digital medical licenses. Of this percentage, 78.1% correspond to full electronic medical licenses, i.e. the employer is attached to the operator, while the remaining 21.9% is not. That is why the Compin Nacional Department is urged to adhere to this new system to speed up the processing process.

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