translated from Spanish: In his new year-end message, Mauricio Macri again criticized the Government

The former president of the nation, Mauricio Macri, shared a new letter criticizing the first year of management of the national government, and assured that, while pessimistic about the coming months, he closes 2020 «full of hope» because his confidence in Argentines «is total.» It ends a very difficult year for all of us, in which we suffer the effects of pandemic and quarantine, but which also closes with hope. Yes, I know it sounds weird, because today it’s hard to see how things can get better, but if anything good left this year it’s a demonstration that even in the toughest times the commitment to our values is intact. We want to live in peace, with respect, with work, in freedom, without lies or outrages, and we are willing to fight for that country we want,» began the former president, who recalled the «expectation» with which the year had begun by the new Government of the Front of All.
In that sense, he recalled how, since the opposition, «we offered him help in the transition and supported him in the things we thought were worthwhile.» However, he noted, that optimism was «diluted» by the Executive’s first actions: «The release of dangerous prisoners, the lack of an economic plan, and the first assaults on the judiciary deepened the recession and raised doubts about the government’s Republican convictions.» The leader of Together for Change also questioned the management of the pandemic. «The pandemic came and, with it, one of the longest and most destructive quarantines in the world. We stop seeing our affections, we insanely lock up our children. Many lost their jobs, to an officialism who devoted himself to preaching fear and more fear, exercising his authority, his power, and criticizing society for increasing cases. And yet we ended up being one of the countries with the deadest by Covid,» he said. Macri argued that «all this could have been avoided» by paying «more attention to international experiences.» In this line, he cited the case of Uruguay, and stated that this quarantine «leaves consequences that we will suffer for many years». On the economic side, the former representative said that «we do not see a clear course» «We again run out of reserves and without energy and taxes rise and continue to increase, again to levels that do not exist in other countries, which clearly obviously takes away the possibility that someone wants to invest and generate work for Argentines» Indicated. Despite all of the above, the former head of government was hopeful for 2021. «What was not lost is the conviction of Argentines that we want to live in freedom, that the law and our rights are respected. The learning that leaves us this frustrating 2020 is that the way to return is that of work and truth. Never again to pobrism, lying and outrage,» he completed.

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