translated from Spanish: Welcome Baltazar: Mica Vazquez’s son was born

Mica Vazquez gave birth this morning to her first child, Baltazar Klein, with her partner Gerónimo Klein. 
With an extensive pole full of emotion he told how the whole process went and showed his emotions in full bloom. «He was born at 4:04 am after a long labor with the best partner in the world @geroklein assisting me, next to me all the time helping me, doing it together from 9 p.m. the contractions began!» began on his post. «It was hard, I’m not going to lie to them, but we surfed each of the contractions and after a few long hours of labor, we ended up in a half-emergency C-section because Balta was pushing non-stop for a long time, tired and we didn’t dilate,» he continued with his account. «Despite the pain or desire we had each of how we wanted this to happen, it came as he wanted! And as of today she taught me how Mom would put control aside, because nothing can be controlled, let alone this!!! commenting on his fears and expectations he continued to write. «He decided when and how he was going to get there, week 38.6 and this way. It couldn’t be someone else’s, everything was perfect! It cost 3,229 kg and here we are already on the discovering even more! I have no more love in my heart and more thanks to the life of being a mom, for the incredible pregnancy we had and for the best co-team anyone would like to have next door (but it’s already my forgiveness),» she said cheerfully to continue with the thanks to everyone who was part of the process. To close she chose: «I am still mobilized, excited to look at our baby’s face and with the happiness-filled soul of this family we form!!!
Thank you!!! What a high year-end gift, which day and special year you chose to be born a child!!! I love you deeply»

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