translated from Spanish: Minsal reports more than 3,000 new contagions for the third consecutive day and 21 MRI communes will move to Preparation on Monday

The Ministry of Health delivered a new televised report on the progress of the pandemic in the country on Saturday. More than three thousand new contagions were recorded in the last 24 hours for the third consecutive day.
According to the balance sheet, there were 3,338 new cases of covid-19, of which 2,055 correspond to symptomatic people and 1,165 have no symptoms. In addition, 118 positive PCR tests were recorded and were not reported.
As for the total number of people who have been diagnosed with covid-19 in the country reaches 615,902. In both 16,870 patients are in the active stage, and the recovered cases are 581,961.
The Minsal also lamented the deaths of 64 people from causes associated with the virus. In this way, the total number of fatalities amounts to 16,724 in the country, according to information provided by the Department of Statistics and Health Information (DEIS).
791 people are hospitalized in Intensive Care Units, of which 616 are with mechanical ventilation support and 67 are in critical health.
In relation to the Integrated Health Network, a total of 314 fans are available. Regarding the Laboratory Network and diagnostic capacity, yesterday the results of 46,178 PCR tests were reported, which yielded a daily positivity of 7.23%, reaching to date a total of 6,548,189 tests analyzed nationally.
The number of sanitary residences available is 137 with 9,551 places. Today they have 4,343 users considering all regions of the country. For more information, people who require a transfer to one of them can call Fono 800 726 666.

Undersecretary of Crime Prevention Katherine Martorell was present on the Minsal panel to announce further changes to the Paso a Paso plan, highlighting which communes in the Metropolitan Region will move to the Preparation stage from Monday, January 4 at 5 a.m.
Alhué, Calera de Tango Isla de Maipo, Tiltil, Peñaflor, Quilicura, El Monte, La Pintana, Conchalí, Colina, Melipilla, Talagante, Lampa, Recoleta, Huechuraba, San Bernardo, María Pinto, Buin, Paine, San Pedro and Pirque, are the communes that will leave the Transition stage.
Martorell recalled that a preventive and transitional measure was taken in the capital, which was to put the entire region as a geographical unit in Transition, “beyond the existence of communes at different stages, including some in Initial Opening”.
“That has allowed the numbers not to increase the way they were being estimated,” Added Undersecretary Martorell.

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