translated from Spanish: AARFS invites to secure corn crops in carrizo Valley

AARFS NEWSLETTER, A.C. The AARFS Agricultural Assurance Fund has for you the insurance service for maize cultivation in the Carrizo Valley corresponding to the O-I 2020/21 cycle, offering protection against the following risks: Climatological (excess humidity, frost, low temperatures, flood, hail, fire, hurricane, cyclone, tornado and thrombus, warm waves and lack of floor to harvest); Biological diseases (diseases, pests and predators); and Before nacence (caponation and non-nacence). For more information we invite you to contact the telephone (668) 817-2756, where you will gladly be served.• All agricultural producers, we inform you that in AARFS A.C. we have a new export sorghum marketing program, with a guaranteed minimum price of 4 thousand 200 MXN pesos per tonne, liquidating in a single payment. It is very important that BEFORE starting your planting of sorghum cycle autumn-winter 2020/2021 and / or spring-summer 2021, register in our hiring program in our marketing department. For more information, please call (668) 815-4447, 812-1607, 812-0071 in that area. In addition, it should be mentioned that we have sorghum seed for planting of the highest quality and the following varieties: Croplan 8240, DKS 26 and Nickel, so we invite you to visit our parent hardware store and branches.• Currently the three regional dams as a whole store 2 thousand 142 mm3 of water equal to 33% of their conservation capacity, while last year at the same date they were at 89% of their capacity with 5 thousand 708 mm3. Therefore, AARFS A.C. appeals to all agricultural producers to take the necessary measures to preserve our water, a valuable natural resource, since the dams of northern Sinaloa are in low percentages, so we are recommending the following actions for the use and care of irrigation water: soil in conditions suitable for irrigation, before applying pre-sowing irrigation; «waterings» of the property clean and in good condition; Short «pulls» of grooves; suitable size of «pipes» for more efficient irrigation; uninterrupted watering; continuous monitoring of irrigation; monitor irrigation time in each batch to avoid water waste; manage the tasks of the irrigators and avoid the irrigation of several premises at the same time. Take care of your irrigation water The future of the field depends on you!• Therefore, AARFS A.C. it continues to promote sustainable agricultural practices, making available to its partner producers various agricultural equipment such as precision sowers for minimum tillage, heavy-type fertiliser, sprinkler, strip till and stripper, which integrate the Specialized Machinery Plant of this Farmers Association, as part of the promotion of alternative methods of crop production to reduce time and costs in land preparation, better conserve soils, among other benefits. For more information, please contact the Department of Agricultural Strategies at number (668) 812-4396, where your request will gladly be met.• The price of maize maintains its uptrend, as of Thursday, December 31, it served 14 consecutive days upwards, trading on the Chicago Stock Exchange at its highest level for more than 6 years, this trend has been multifactorial, such as China’s strong demand for grains for livestock consumption, but mainly because of the South American landscape, as on Wednesday, December 30, the Argentine government decreed the suspension of maize export permits until March 1, 2021, which is when the 2020/21 cereal year begins, so around 4.3 million previously planned for export will now be for domestic consumption , ensuring the supply of maize for the industrial sector, combining that bad weather in the region has caused stress in cultivation, as the Buenos Aires Grain Exchange determined that only 17% have a rating of good to excellent, It should be emphasized that Argentina is the third largest exporter of maize in the world.• At the end of this week, the future July/21 contract was $189.07 per tonne, if we consider bases equal to last year of USD 32, with a current FIX exchange rate of 19.91 pesos, results in a price of 4 thousand 401 MXN per tonne.
AARFS A.C. makes a careful reminder to those interested in being part of the agency to come to make their application registration for new-income partners, interested parties please go to the Department of Agricultural Strategies before January 23, 2021 and/or contactl phone 6688-124396 for more information. 

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